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To begin with, you have to be clear with few things,

for the kangen device to work properly and give you the best results all kangen devices need 2 good inputs …


1 Good electricity and

2 Good water


So, in case there is a power fluctuation in your area then we suggest you use a stabilizer before you connect the device.


Next is check the source water for softness and TDS level in case of that, not being right, treat the water first. If the water is hard then use a softener and if the TDS level is more than 100 then use R O system. Maximum TDS as per me you should consider without R O is 125 anything above that blindly use R O. the best TDS level to maintain is 50 to 70 TDS. Should not keep the R O setting less than 30 TDS.


Incase you have both the problem i.e. hard water with high TDS then you should first use a softener the output of softener should go to R O system and from R O tank, the drinking water, should go to kangen device.


In case you have good water source the we suggest you only install a pre-filter consisting of sediment and carbon blocker with UV to kill bacteria, the output of this should go into kangen device.


Make sure there is enough pressure in your water otherwise the taste of water would change (would taste like medicine) this is due to over electrolysis as the water is moving slowly in the electrolysis chamber. In case the pressure is less than use a water pump freely available in market.


Remember the white pipe is for input and the grey is for secondary water output which should be placed on the sink as many a times trapped water from electrolysis chamber comes out of it even though the device may be off.


Also please note for Super SD501 the input pipe has to be the thick pipe provided by the Enagic company and also use the valve provided. This valve has to be installed at the input point on the device and not at the water pipe.


Once mounted or placed on counter next thing to do is put in enhancer which is there in the white bottle. To do so what you have to do is open the lead from right of device and then pull out the container and open its cap. Empty the white enhancer bottle in the container and place the container back into its place, while doing so you would feel the lock when you push it in. Place the cover back.


Please note enhancer is only used for Strong Acid only i.e. 2.5 and 11.5 pH water for other operations this liquid is not used.


In case of superSD501 instead of enhancer TATA salt is used for the same work. To use that make use of the salt measure container and fill the salt upto the marking, next fill the water container upto the marking, now using the funnel put the salt from the salt container to the water container, now lock the water container and give it a good shake for some time. Open the water container using a fine cloth or a handkerchief stain the water for all salt crystal   and now this liquid is ready to be put in the device. For that open the lid on the top back of the device and pour it there.

Turn on the water and run the water for 2 minutes. Now switch on the power and your device is ready for use.


Remember incase of Super SD501 the operation is from a touch of button and for rest of the device you also would have to open the tap from behind. If you keep the tap on the water would keep flowing where as in super sd4501 once you press the stop button the water flow is stopped.

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Miracle TEAM
Miracle TEAM
Miracle TEAM
Miracle TEAM